Hello and welcome to ProStyling -  a sustainable ethical beauty tool mat for hair and makeup artists, developed by renowned hair and makeup artist, Bradwyn Jones

I'm Bradwyn Jones, a freelance hair and makeup artist and the founder of ProStyling. I work with some of Australia’s best fashion brands and celebrities. 

One of the reasons I have been so successful in my career is my ability to create beautiful looks effortlessly and on time. I need all my tools ready at my disposal, but the tools were letting me down. I would arrive at work and roll out my towel to lay out my tools. Despite trying different thicknesses and type of towels they were too bulky and slippery. My products were constantly tipping over & my combs would catch on the towelling loop pile. I don't like chaos on my work station. 

Having spent a number of years working backstage in London, Milan & Paris fashion weeks, I wanted a multi-purpose professional beauty / styling tool mat. Despite searching the globe I was unable to find anything that matched what I needed. 

A lover of denim, I decided to experiment with it instead of towelling. The ProMat was created. Pockets were added to house clips, brushes & combs and most importantIy, include enough room for my electricals, curling irons and hairdryer.

The ProMat works perfectly for makeup artists too. The pockets come in handy for smaller items. I like everything to have a place, especially the smaller tools, like tweezers, lip and eye pencils. These slide in to the pockets & out of the way but still visible and at the ready. 

ProStyling understands the the needs of the busy hairdresser & makeup artist. Now I arrive at work, unroll my ProMat and SessionMat and I have a neat, professional workspace wherever I am.  

About my denim. 

Sustainable. Ethical. Durable. 

While developing the ProMat and SessionMat I spent a lot of time researching ethical and sustainably sourced cotton denim. My products are all handcrafted and made in Australia, with the utmost attention paid to the quality of denim and the finishing details. With this in mind, some variations may occur but this is the beauty of the ProMat and SessionMat range. They have been created by human hands and each have a character of their own. 

The ProStyling range is tailored to maximise the efficiency and level of professionalism required in any workspace; from hair salon, backstage at fashion week, session work, photo shoot, film set or in a beauty salon, so you are free to be a ProStyler. 

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